How Furbies “Learn” Language

The Furby phenomenon placed even the United States National Security Agency in a right royal tangle and their knickers in a twist. Furby would keep on talking which at first would be in the Furbish language that they are initially programmed with. If your Furby is programmed to the English language similar to about 23 other languages that Furbies are programmed to, it will pick up these words and then speak them out. It does not have any facility or recording device which was the misunderstood reason for the NSA to ban it from their premises.

How do you get Furby to stop talking?

Once English or any other preprogrammed language is spoken to them, Furbies would rearrange the words that they are initially programmed with to bring out meaningful and comprehensible expressions and speech. Furby is filled with ample words to listen and then come out with the answers to many questions. This is what makes Furby such a unique robotic electronic talking toy. It brought a new dimension to toys when it was launched in 1998 and has remained in the limelight for a very long time.