How Do You Talk to a Furby?

The most basic issue to understand about your Furby is that it just cannot learn a language and then speak. Children can as they grow up but not Furbies. Dogs and cats could be taught to remember certain commands but not a Furby. The other factor is that all Furbies are preprogrammed to react to one language and that is why all Furbies sold have been preprogrammed with English and 23 other languages. All these Furbies would react only when spoken to by those particular languages.

When you get a new Furby and bring it home it would initially speak in Furbish which is an incomprehensible language special to them. You will have to refer to the Furbish Dictionary to understand what it is saying. For example “u-nye-boh-doo?” is “how are you?”, similarly “wee-tah-kah-wee-loo” means “tell me a story”. Your new Furby would be letting out this gibberish in the language of Furbish. Hence understanding what it would be saying would be best referred to the Furbish Dictionary. That said and done, it does not mean that your Furby would continue to spew out gibberish in Furbish, this could be gradually changed.

How to teach furby boom to say your name

What your Furby would be talking will depend on how you would interact with it. It is imperative that your Furby is as close to you as possible preferably not more than a few inches. You should ensure that there are no disturbing background sounds which would distract your Furby. You should speak slowly and clearly in a very precise tone pronouncing every word properly. It is also important that you speak to your Furby very often so that it gets the words into its system. It would be helpful to your training and also to Furby’s reciprocal curve that you try to begin with a few common sentences which are frequently used.

Beginning with “hello”, “good morning”, “how are you?” and so on and so forth would be a good way to start. The idea behind this is to rearrange the words that have been preprogrammed into your Furby’s system. By doing so you would be assisting in the rearranging of the preprogrammed words. This is then easier for your Furby to spill them out when you talk to it. It is an initiative which would need a lot of attention from you. There are many Furbies around which are well rearranged that they spill out perfectly and would bring out understandable sentences.

This is the bone of contention that the US National Security Agency’s security experts misconstrued as being able to pick and record conversation that it would overhear. This caused Furby to be declared “persona non grata” from the NSA offices at Fort Meade. Their fears were later allayed but they had already put their feet in their mouth.