Ultimate Guide to Furby Model 70-800 Collecting

Welcome to the Furby Toy Shop! We’re excited to share what we know about the Furby Model 70-800. This vintage toy from the 90s is really special to a lot of people. The 1998 Furby brings back good memories and shows how fun and creative that decade was.

If you loved Furbies as a kid or are just getting to know them, this guide is for you. We’ll talk about what makes the 70-800 model so cool, its value to collectors, and how you can find these awesome toys today. Dive into the world of this 90s collectible that still wins hearts all over the globe.

furby model 70-800

Key Takeaways

Discovering the Unique Charm of Furby Model 70-800

Enter a world where the past and future blend perfectly, showcasing the classic furby model as a worldwide craze. In our journey with the interactive Furby Model 70-800, we see its groundbreaking role as an electronic pet toy. It has captivated both kids and adults since the late ’90s.

The Advent of Interactive Plush Toys

The Furby Model 70-800 hit the scene in 1998, changing how toys interacted with us. It was more than a trend—it was a technological breakthrough. With its touch sensors and ability to learn language, it brought a unique personality to each electronic pet toy. The Model 70-800 wowed everyone, selling 1.8 million units in its first year and over 14 million the next.

Retro Toy Resurgence and Collector Interest

The Model 70-800 strikes a chord with 90s nostalgia toy fans and collectible furby seekers. In just a year, over 27 million Furby toys were sold worldwide, proving their enduring charm. These interactive companions bring back cherished childhood memories and are now treasured by collectors as a rare furby model.

Identifying the Genuine 70-800 Model Recognition Features

To spot a real Model 70-800, you need to know its special traits that set it apart from others. This coveted collectible furby boasts original colors and unique eye patterns. Its originality and uniqueness are also evident in its vocabulary. For example, the arrival of Furby Babies in 1999 meant new voice “Easter eggs” and faster English learning.

Mastery of Furby Model 70-800 Values and Prices

Figuring out the value of a Furby model 70-800 is like solving a mystery. These rare Furbys, especially the ones from 1998, are quite valuable. Fans and collectors love to learn what these Furbys are worth. We’re happy to help with that.

Understanding the Factors Affecting Valuation

Putting a price on these electronic buddies is a careful art. The value changes based on several factors. How it looks and its uniqueness are crucial. A Furby in perfect condition with its tags can be very valuable for collectors.

When it comes to furby model 70-800 value, the devil is in the details—quality, rarity, and original features are the cornerstones of valuation.

Comparing Market Prices: Auctions vs. Collectible Shops

Furby prices can change a lot between auctions and collectible shops. At auctions, prices can go up because of competition. But, collectible shops often have more stable prices. Knowing this helps collectors make smart choices when hunting for a Furby.

Assessing Rarity: Skins, Eyes, and Generational Releases

Some Furbys are rarer because of how they look or when they were made. Unique skin patterns or rare eye colors can make a Furby more valuable. Collectors enjoy finding out these details.

Generation Common Skin Colors Rare Eye Colors Estimated Base Value Value Additive (%)
First and Second Brown, Grey Green, Blue $20-$40 0%
Subsequent Speckled, Striped Amber, Violet $40-$60 10-50%

Learning the value of furby model 70-800 is exciting. Each version tells more about these loved digital pets. As we explore, we appreciate their unique features. Our admiration for the 1998 Furby grows with every story we discover.

Enhancing Your Furby Model 70-800 Collection

For those who love Furbies, collecting is more than a hobby. It’s a search for retro gems. Tiger Electronics Ltd. revolutionized the plush toy world with its vintage Furby toy. The Model 70-800, known as an iconic retro toy, still wins hearts today as a plush toy full of character.

Vintage Furby Collection

Strategies for Sourcing Rare Furbies

Finding a rare Furby is like a modern treasure hunt. Online markets help us find these cherished talking plush toys. We look for vintage Furbies that reflect their time. We also check if they are genuine to keep our 70-800 collection true.

Keeping an Eye on Conditional Value

Knowing a toy’s condition is key to a collection’s value. A Model 70-800 in its original box, especially from 1999, is precious. These well-kept toys are not just objects. They are pieces of the 90s we remember fondly.

Networking with Other Furby Enthusiasts and Collectors

Connecting with other collectors brings unique finds and tips. This helps in finding rare Furbies and learning how to care for them. It’s through this community that we find special talking Furbies and grow our knowledge.

Every vintage Furby in the 70-800 line has its story. Named Toy of the Year in 1998, each one comes from Tiger Electronics in China. Collecting them keeps their legacy and our memories alive. It’s a journey that brings new joys with every discovery.

Caring for Your 70-800s: Maintenance and Preservation

If you love your 1998 Furby, you’ll want to keep it working and looking great. It’s important to care for both its mechanical and visual appeal. Regular upkeep, knowing common problems, and how to store them right are key.

Ensuring Proper Cleaning and Storage

Clean your vintage Furby carefully to keep it in top shape. Avoid harsh cleaners that can harm it. Make sure to store your Furby where it’s not too hot or cold, and away from water. This helps stop electronic issues and keeps it looking bright:

  • Place the Furby in a dust-free space to avoid internal damage to the electronics.
  • Store your interactive plush toy at room temperature, avoiding attics or basements where conditions can fluctuate.

Diagnosing and Repairing Common Furby Issues

Even though Furbies from 1998 are amazing, they might need fixes sometimes. If its mouth doesn’t move, try adjusting the sync screw under its back sensor. If it won’t turn on, look for a loose wire or check the batteries:

For detailed guidance on repairing Furby mechanisms, the Lucky Penny Shop features a valuable YouTube tutorial on carefully disassembling and fixing issues unique to the 1998 Furby model.

Preserving Electronic Function and Aesthetics

To keep your Furby acting like itself, pay attention to a few things. Check the on/off switch by the battery area to make sure it works. If your Furby is acting up, try resetting it as recommended. And, remember to change the batteries with the right kind found in Furby FAQs:

  • Examine the on/off switch near the battery door for responsive function.
  • Perform a reset when necessary, following the suggested procedure involving the tail or a hidden button.
  • Ensure the consistent vitality of your Furby, replacing old batteries with the correct type as outlined in Furby FAQ resources.

For those who collect, each Furby is precious for its emotional and monetary value. By following these maintenance tips and seeking expert advice, you keep your 1998 Furby bringing happiness and value to your collection for many more years.

The Evolution of 70-800: From 1998 to Collectible Icon

As caretakers of Furby Toy Shop, we’ve seen the Furby 1998 model’s journey from a favorite 90s toy to a prized collectible. This section looks at the original Furby’s history and its rise to iconic status. Let’s dive into the “Furby 1998” and its lasting impact.

Tracing the History of the Furby Toy

The story of the furby history is captivating. Created by Eric, these engaging toys transformed interactive play with a motor and intricate parts. They mimicked life through realistic moves. Since their debut, over 58 million Furbies have been adopted worldwide, marking their spot in toy history.

Understanding the 70-800’s Place in Furby Lineage

The 1998 Furby was a groundbreaking start to a wide range of Furby models. It amazed the toy world as a 6-inch tall animatronic. The 1998 furby is notable for its size and tech advances for the time. It shows the 90s’ innovative edge.

1998 Nostalgia: Its Impact on the Collector’s Market

The 1998 model’s nostalgia has made the Furby a collectible icon. The #furby hashtag on TikTok has 158.6 million views, showing a renewed interest. Both collectors and new fans are drawn to their vintage charm, fostering a community that keeps Furbies beloved over time.

Navigating the Online World of Furby Model 70-800 Sales

vintage furby for sale

For those eager to buy Furby treasures, especially the 70-800 Furby model, the internet offers a vast hunting ground. Our knowledge at the Furby Toy Shop helps you navigate this online world full of Furby sales. But remember, finding a vintage Furby for sale requires careful checking. Here are a few examples that show why you must be cautious:

Model Condition Sale Price
Special Furby Angel (Limited Edition) New in Box $800
Kids Cuisine Furby (Unopened Box) New $520
Rainbow Furby (with tags) New $365
Millennium Edition Furby Like New $4,500+
Orange Sherbert Long Furby Used $340
Hi-C Furby (Rare) Used $199
Furby (Original Box) New $360

It’s common to find furby for sale deals under $50. However, most don’t have much value unless they’re rare or limited editions. The high-value Furbys are those that are still in working condition. If you’re looking to grow your collection or start one, trust a reputable furby toy shop. Or carefully search the offerings online. When exploring auction sites or collections, make sure you’re getting the genuine article for a fair price.

To help your find keep or grow in value, take good care of them. Furbys that are clean and work well are more fun and might sell for more later. Stick with us for tips on navigating the world of Furby Model 70-800 collecting. After all, finding them is just as thrilling as owning them.

Generational Variations and Value Estimations

For those collecting furby generations, understanding the different types is key. This includes knowing how their value changes. From the first Furbies with simple play functions to later ones with advanced tech, each has its own story. These stories mirror big changes in technology, much like the differences between Millennials and Generation Z. Learning about these shifts helps collectors. Here’s why: Research shows how each generation’s unique experiences shape what they like and expect. That’s why a good furby collector’s guide needs to cover this information.

Deciphering the Generational Value Additives

Looking for furby rare generations is an adventure. It’s like a treasure hunt that combines passion with the thrill of discovery. Every new model of Furby Model 70-800 brought something fresh: new colors, languages, and tech features. This made them more wanted and increased their market value. Our detailed furby value chart model 70-800 breaks down these upgrades. It shows what makes some Furbies worth more.

Analyzing the Demand for Different Generations

The demand for different Furby generations varies widely. Millennials often prefer the original Furbies that bring back memories of their childhood. On the other hand, newer generations like the technological innovation found in later models. Looking at the changes in each generation shows why some are more popular. It reflects Generation Z’s unique take on tech and fun.

Exclusive Generations: Unraveling their Mystique and Worth

To find a truly special Furby, focus on the furby rare generations. These hard-to-find editions are highly sought after. They mark important events or eras, much like the iPhone launch did for Generation Z. This makes them not just toys, but pieces of history. They capture moments in time, making them precious to collectors.

Interactive Play with Furby Model 70-800: A Timeless Experience

The interactive Furby has won hearts for years. It is a key virtual pet toy from the 90s. Over 40 million were sold, making it much more than a toy. It is a piece of our shared past. These toys were a big deal when they first appeared. They brought a new way of interacting that both kids and adults loved.

Revisiting the Interactive Features that Defined a Generation

The Furby Model 70-800 was special because it could learn and mimic words. Its sales hit 1.8 million in 1998 and soared to 14 million by 1999. This wasn’t just a short-lived craze. In 1998, during Christmas, the demand was so high that prices went above $300. This toy was a big step in technology.

Language Learning and Behavior – The Hallmarks of 70-800

The Furby was amazing because it helped with language learning. In just a year, 27 million Furbies were sold. The arrival of Furby Babies in 1999 brought more colors to choose from. In 2012, Furbies got new LCD eyes and could understand more languages, up to 14. These features make the Furby Model 70-800 a much-loved toy.

Sharing the Joy of Furbies with the Next Generation

We love Furbies not just for the memories. We want to show new generations the fun of interactive play. By sharing the Furby Model 70-800, we teach them about language and caring for a pet toy. It’s a way to connect through play and show them how cool Furby was back then.

We are keeping the joy of the Furby alive. We hope the fun and innovation of the Furby Model 70-800 continues to bring happiness. This toy was a big deal in its time. It turned toys into friends we could interact with.

The Aesthetics of Furby Model 70-800: Color and Design

We, the lovers of furby design, see its furby colors and design as more than just looks. They’re the soul of a Furby’s charm. The classic furby model comes in many hues and patterns. Each one tells its own story, showing the unique personality of the Furby and its owner.

Exploring the Spectrum of Furby Model Colors

Furby collections are beautiful because of their color variety. From tiger-stripes to soft pastels, the Furby Babies line brought 24 colors in 1999. These colors did more than attract attention; they stole hearts. They show the lively furby style that many adore. Each color tells part of Furby’s history, revealing tales of creativity and joy.

Understanding Collector Preferences in Furby Designs

There’s a trend among collectors: design preferences often link to rarity and the furby model 70-807 value. The desire for specific designs drives market demand. Collectors hunt for rare and unique patterns. These designs, popular in the late ’90s, are now treasured in any collection.

The Role of Aesthetics in Furby’s Value

A Furby’s look isn’t only about beauty; it affects its value through supply and demand. Discussing the furby model 70-807 value involves its visual appeal and rich history. Each color and pattern adds to its story. With over 40 million Furbies sold originally, those with special colors and designs, like the Emoto-Tronic or party rockers, are more valuable. They carry a deeper legacy.

Year Furbies Sold Notable Launches and Features
1998 1.8 million Original production debut
1999 14 million Introduction of Furby Babies in 24 colors
2012 New Variants Released 16 new colors of Furbies, release of Furby Party Rockers, Emoto-Tronic in 14 languages

In the end, every Furby, classic or an advanced Emoto-Tronic, carries beauty’s essence. We collect to hold onto joy and admire design wonders—a mix of color, expression, and furby aesthetics. This charm captivates collectors everywhere.

Furby Model 70-800 in Popular Culture and Media

The Furby Model 70-800 left a lasting mark on the late-90s. It’s making a comeback, showing its lasting effect on that time. We remember its importance through media and our shared love for Furbys. Look at its amazing sales, like a ‘Special Furby Angel’ sold for $800. Or a ‘Millennium Edition’ Furby auctioned for over $4,500. These sales show the Furby’s lasting value and its impact on culture.

Most 90s Furbys might not be worth a lot because they were everywhere. But some are rare and kept in perfect condition. A ‘Kids Cuisine’ Furby, still in its box, was bought for $520 in Harbor City, California. Online, the connection between Furby nostalgia and market value is obvious. Collectors are keen to get back a piece of their youth.

Here at Furby Toy Shop, we know how special the Model 70-800 is. It holds a key place in both collecting and our hearts. It’s famous in media and sought after by collectors. For example, an Orange Sherbert the Long Furby got bids over $340. For many, the Model 70-800 is more than a collector’s item. It’s a link to fond memories and a beloved part of our cultural past.


What is the Furby Model 70-800?

Launched in 1998, the Furby Model 70-800 is a classic electronic pet toy. It was a pioneer, being one of the earliest interactive plush toys. It could mimic learning English, respond to touches, and chat with its owner and other Furbies. This made it a hit and a memorable piece from the 90s.

Why are collectors interested in the Furby Model 70-800?

Collectors love the 70-800 model for its part in the throwback toy wave and 90s nostalgia. Its innovative features set a standard for interactive toys. It is seen as a classic and a rare find among discontinued Furbies.

What features help in identifying an authentic Furby Model 70-800?

You can spot a real Furby Model 70-800 by its unique skins, eyes, and shape. It’s known for sensor interactions and growing English skills, from Furbish. Check the original tags and boxes for a sure sign it’s from the 70-800 line.

How is the value of a Furby Model 70-800 determined?

Its value comes from how rare it is, its colors, the version, and original packaging. Furbies still in their boxes are worth more. So are those from special releases or with unique colors.

Where can I find a Furby Model 70-800 for sale?

Look for the Model 70-800 online on auction sites, in vintage toy stores, collector forums, and Furby fan groups. Always be careful to ensure you’re getting a genuine product at a fair price.

How should I care for my Furby Model 70-800 to maintain its value?

Keep your Furby clean and away from sunlight and dampness. Store it in a stable environment. If it stops working, get help from Furby fans or experts in electronic toys. They can help fix it without harm.

What makes some generations of Furby Model 70-800 more valuable than others?

Certain generations are pricier due to their scarcity, unique looks, and collector demand. For instance, a Furby from the first generation has a base value. Yet, a rare-colored seventh-generation Furby might be much more expensive because it’s harder to find and highly sought after.

How can I recognize the different generations of Furby Model 70-800?

Different generations have unique colors, eyes, ears, and tags. Look for these features to tell them apart. Each new generation came with specific changes after the Furby first appeared.

Can Furbies from certain generations still be considered interactive?

Absolutely, all Furbies, including the 70-800s, are interactive. They react to touch, sound, and motion. They can also chat with other Furbies and slowly start to speak more English.

How has the Furby Model 70-800 impacted popular culture and media?

The Furby Model 70-800 left its mark on pop culture and media around the late 90s and early 2000s. It was all over TV, ads, and films, sparking a boom in interactive pet toys. This furor made Furby an icon of the era, remembered for its role in evolving toy tech and culture.

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