Most Expensive Furby: Which Ones are Worth It?

In the world of collectibles, the most expensive Furby items are very special. They mix nostalgia with the excitement of having something unique. Many remember when Furby was a must-have toy in the late ’90s. Today, these sought-after collectibles fetch high prices. They show off special Furby designs and are prized by fans and collectors.

Premium Furby items, especially rare and custom ones, are at the top of Furby collectibles. Each has a story, featuring everything from crystals to unique collaborations. They are not just toys, but magical pieces with a mix of old tales and new tech.

Most Expensive Furby

Key Takeaways:

  • Historic appreciation and nostalgia drive the market for valuable Furby collectibles.
  • Luxury Furby memorabilia ranges from custom designs to brand collaborations.
  • Top dollar furby sales highlight the significant monetary value of rare editions.
  • High-priced Furby toys can command prices comparable with fine art and antiques.
  • Exclusive Furby designs represent a unique fusion of technology and luxury.

The Allure of the Original Electronic Pet

When the furby original appeared in 1998, it was more than a toy. It captured the hearts of both kids and adults. This electronic pet started with its own language, ‘Furbish’, and learned English from its owners, just like humans learn.

The minds behind this toy, David Hampton, Caleb Chung, and Richard C. Levy, hit the nail on the head. They created a toy that made both nostalgia seekers and novelty lovers excited. The furby toy original started a new craze in the world of vintage furby collectibles. Its value has only grown over time, reaching high prices for furby collectors today.

The original Furby is now a prized item for collectors, beyond just being an old friend from childhood. With many models out there, everyone wants to know, “what is the rarest furby?” This mystery keeps the collector’s market buzzing. Some original furbies can sell for a lot of money.

Not only do these toys remind many of their childhood, but they also offer a chance at a smart investment. For example, certain limited editions, like the Tiger Electronics’ 1998 holiday Furbies, are now very valuable to collectors.

  • Original “Harry Potter” first edition books from the 1990s could be worth up to $55,000
  • Rare Pokémon cards like “Pikachu Illustrator” can sell for up to $54,970
  • Vintage McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have been sold for $20 to $140, with “Inspector Gadget” from 1995 fetching around $350
  • Valuable Beanie Babies like the “Valentino” edition can be valued at close to $43,000
  • Collectible Barbie dolls such as the “Barbie Loves Elvis” set can be sold for $149
  • Original Furby toys can be valued at hundreds of dollars, with rare editions selling for $800 and above
  • Action figure collections, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, can fetch prices ranging from $20 to $60 for complete sets

These interesting facts show us how our old toys can become valuable in the collector’s market. As people are keen on vintage furby collectibles, they enjoy finding the most valuable furby. It’s about reconnecting with fun memories and also making wise investments.

If you’re looking to add to your collection or just starting out, the original Furby is still a big hit. These early digital pets have a special charm. They remind us of simpler times and at the same time, grow in value. Who knows? Maybe the next most valuable furby is hiding in your attic, waiting for its comeback.

The Ascendancy of the Most Expensive Furby

In the world of high-end Furbies, the Bejewelled Furby stands out. It’s not just a toy, but a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. Each gemstone adds to its grandeur, making it the most sophisticated Furby ever.

Unveiling the Jewel-Encrusted Bejewelled Furby

The Bejewelled Furby is adorned with gems and metals, setting it apart. Fans admire these furby editions, but only a few own them. They are the peak of desirability in the Furby world.

Limited Editions: Royal, Presidential, and Angelic Furbies

The Royal FurbyPresidential Furby, and Angel Furby are sought after. They bring a unique flair, from political significance to heavenly beauty. Collectors highly prize these editions.

Unique Releases: The Hi-C and Kid Cuisine Connection

The Hi-C Furby and Kid Cuisine Furby have fans excited. They’re unique and sought after. These rare Furbies highlight memorable partnerships, making a lasting impact.

Furby Edition Description Estimated Units Sold
Bejewelled Furby Adorned with Swarovski crystals and set in 18k gold Exclusive
Royal Furby Gold-tone crown and majestic bearing Limited Release
Presidential Furby Black suit and “Furby for President” badge Limited Release
Angel Furby White wings and halo, divine design Limited Release
Hi-C Furby Vintage giveaway piece with randomized black spots 5,000
Kid Cuisine Furby Flamboyant colors and limited availability Approx. 500

A Collector’s Guide to Valuable Furby Toys

For furby collectors, finding valuable furby toys is more than just fun. It’s a dive into a cozy, plush past. The interest in vintage furby collectibles has grown a lot. Today, a 2012 furby can’t match the value of a 1999 furby, which brings back so many memories and fetches a high price.

Among the valuable furby models, the originals are the most sought after. You might find a 1999 furby in your attic, ready to make you money. Finding an original furby in good condition is like finding hidden treasure.

Most Expensive Furby

The furby 2010 also sparked new interest, giving the series a modern twist. Though not as revered as the older models, their value will grow over time.

If you have a ‘Special Furby Angel’ or a ‘Kids Cuisine’ Furby, knowing their current value is key. The table below shows their worth compared to other collectibles.

Collectible Remarkable Sale Price
Special Furby Angel $800
Kids Cuisine Furby $520
1999 Original Furby Varies, potentially up to thousands
2012 Furby Awaiting market maturity

Furbies have a unique place in the hearts of those who grew up in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

In conclusion, smart furby collectors will keep an eye on the market. They look for valuable furby toys that make hearts and bank accounts happy. Remember, rarity makes them desirable, and that drives up their value. Watch how trends shift, and you might find you own a plush goldmine.

Identifying Your Furby: Rarity, Condition, and Packaging

Furby collecting is more than a hobby; it’s understanding what makes some worth more than others. For collectors, finding a most rare furby or a special edition is a big deal. It’s not just about getting any Furby, but finding one in great condition and maybe even in its original box.

Distinguishing Rare Furby Editions

Some collectors have hit the jackpot finding rare Furbies. The Millennium Edition Furby stands out, selling for high prices today. But it’s not all about the flashy versions. Even the unique, orange Sherbert or a Long Furby can attract serious attention.

Notable eBay sales include the rare Special Furby Angel which sold for $800. A “Kids Cuisine” Furby, still in its box, went for $520. These prices show that unique and well-kept Furbies, like a rainbow-colored one or a Hi-C Furby, are valuable to collectors.

Assessing the Condition of Your Vintage Find

A Furby in great condition is a real treasure. If it works well and looks good, its price can go up. A Furby still in its original packaging might sell for as much as $360 on eBay. It’s important to keep them in good shape to maintain or increase their value. Check out what are furbys worth today to see more about this.

The Impact of Original Packaging on Furby Value

Original packaging adds a lot to a Furby’s value. Opening a true 90s toy in its box is special. A Furby in its untouched box is more appealing to collectors. They look for that complete experience, which boosts its worth. The packaging is key in making a Furby more desirable at markets or auctions worldwide.

Where to Find and How to Sell High-End Furby Collectibles

Collecting high-end Furby collectibles is an exciting journey. You need to know the market and have a good eye. The key is finding rare Furbies and knowing where to look. Websites like eBay are great for buying and selling. They help us understand what these items are worth. The Iconic Tamagotchi Toy Collection, mentioned by Newsweek, shows the high prices these toys can reach.

Vintage toy stores and collector events are great places to find Furby collectibles. These spots are perfect for exchanging rare items and stories. Here, collectors can learn about and acquire unique pieces like the Ghost HE’E Longboard or Lehmann ‘Man With Two Dogs’ toys. These gatherings are full of passion, making sure each special Furby finds a home.

Buying or selling Furbies means appreciating nostalgia and rarity. Collectors admire the design and creativity of items like the Kaws Dissected 4ft Figure Companion. We seek out treasures like the Lego Spiderman Mini-figure or Hot Toys’ Spider-Man PS4 Iron Spider. These pieces are not just toys, but art. By collecting, we keep the history of these digital pets alive for future generations.


What is the most expensive Furby ever sold?

The Jewel-Encrusted Bejewelled Furby holds the record, sold at FAO Schwarz. It was originally over $100,000. Now, it’s worth more than $180,000 due to its 156 Swarovski crystals and 18k gold setting.

Why are some Furbies so expensive?

Furbies’ prices soar because of their rarity, limited editions, and unique designs. The most valued are those in mint condition or those tied to brand collaborations.

What makes the original Furby a valuable collectible?

Launched in 1998, the original Furby became an icon, sparking the electronic pet trend. Its nostalgic appeal, condition, and rarity boost its value among collectors.

What are some of the rarest Furby models?

Rare finds include the Rainbow, Kid Cuisine, and Hi-C Furbies. Special editions like the Royal, Presidential, and Angel Furbies are also collector’s gems due to their uniqueness.

How can I determine the value of my Furby?

Check its rarity, condition, functionality, and packaging for starters. Online sales on eBay offer a glimpse into what collectors are currently paying.

Where can I find valuable Furby collectibles?

Look on eBay, vintage toy stores, and at collectible shows. Premium Furby resellers and collector forums online are also great sources for rare finds.

How much is a 1999 Furby worth?

A 1999 Furby’s price varies. Its condition, rarity, and original packaging play big roles. Some rare versions in top shape fetch hundreds or thousands.

Are newer Furbies from 2010 and 2012 valuable?

Yes, Furbies from 2010 and 2012 hold value too. Look for unique designs and limited releases. In-box units are particularly prized by collectors.

Does having original packaging increase a Furby’s value?

Definitely. Original packaging suggests authenticity and top condition, making the Furby more desirable and valuable to collectors.

What should I look for when buying a collectible Furby?

Focus on rare models, condition, and if it’s functional. Having the original packaging helps. Authenticity and provenance also add to its value.