Where Does the Name Furby Come From?

How Furby name come from? The inventors of “Furby” David Hampton and Caleb Chung based their idea of a toy that would be a robot that could talk on the early 1990’s introduced “Tamagotchi”. The Tamagotchi was an electronic toy which had its moments of popularity but just faded away. The latter had

Can Furbies Learn Words?

How Furbies “Learn” Language Furbies cannot learn words as they are all preprogrammed with a set of words and phrases, within which they bring out the idea that a conversation is underway. Furbies have a set parameter and have a set of words but if you would talk to it legibly and slowly

How tall is a Furby?

How tall is a Furby? Furbies were originally made with a height of six (6) inches or fifteen (15) centimeters. It was created by David Hampton and Caleb Chung which took them nine months and subsequently another grueling six months to design and bring it out. At first there were no takers but