Does Furby connect change personality?

It would be quite incomprehensible if you are to equate your Furby with a friend. Friends could be moody and change personality due to various reasons, some of them which would be beyond your purview. Furbies could also be the same though they are not human, but change personality quite quickly. For instance if you smack your friend he or she would definitely be cross with you or even smack you back.

How to change the personality of your furby

Do the same with your Furby and though it may not smack you back it would definitely be very cross with you. It would start letting off noises and words to let you know its change in personality. You could change that by holding it close and cuddling it. Furbies build their own personalities over time but entirely depending on how you would interact with it. If you talk to it often then it would be a very talkative “big mouth” hardly keeping quiet. It would be talking incessantly which could irritate you.

It could also build a personality of singing even when you don’t want it to which would be just like a rock-star gone off his or her rocker. Furby could also turn into a very docile baby being very nice and talking to you slowly and gently, but all that could change if you start shaking it vigorously or turning it upside down constantly. Furby could get very angry and again holding it close and cuddling it could change it and bring it back to its normal self.