Furby 2012

The Furby. An iconic toy of the late 1990’s which stirs memories in any 80’s and 90’s child.  A soft toy with ‘artificial intelligence’ making it the perfect companion to any small child.

You can read more about the history of Furbies in other areas of the site but the big news of recent years has been that the FURBY IS BACK! New and improved for 2012 by manufacturers Hasbro the Furby returned with added technology and new features to delight a new generation of children.

The original Furby from the 1990s had limited functionality but could respond to your voice and engage in ‘conversation’. The 2012 model had a serious reboot and now comes in a range of colours sizes and has a whole host of technical capabilities to make the Furby one of the most interactive toys.


What’s new in the 2012 version of the Furby?

The 2012 Furby was a rework of both the look and the functionality of the Furby.  It has a vocabulary now which allows it to tell you it is hungry (ay-tay), needs food (ah-tah), is worried (boh-bay), or is scared (dah-boh-bay)

It also now comes in a wider range of colour ways such as Lagoona,Orangutan, Raincloud, Punky Pink, Starry Night and Cotton Candy and also mixed colours including  Blue & Yellow, Orange & Blue, Teal & Purple, Yellow & Teal, Red & Black, Pink & Yellow and Teal & Pink.

It also now has an accompanying iOS and Android app to allow children to interact with it via a smart phone of tablet computer making it all the more interactive and up to date with the modern age of toys.


Where can I buy the 2012 version of the Furby?

The new Furby is a popular toy so all high street toy shops will stock it. Your challenge might be if you have a particular colour in mind. If so you would be better off checking out the ranges available online at Amazon as you will have full choice of colour and model.